Thursday, December 20, 2012

Barring the Gate After the Students Have Left the Law School Stables

According to various reports on the JD Underground forum, some states (such as Michigan) have begun increasing the requirements for Bar Exam passage, presumably in an attempt to reduce the number of new attorneys entering the field.

While I applaud (if true) the desire to reduce the number of new attorneys, I feel that failing people on the Bar Exam is the wrong way to go about it.  The barrier to entry should be placed before anyone enters law school and before people invest three years and over $100,000 on unneeded higher education.  The state bars are just further victimizing victims of the law school scam.  If they want to reduce the number of new JDs they should just declare that only graduates of certain law schools (say the top 50 law schools) are eligible for admission and then grandfather in anyone who entered law school prior to the announcement.


Nando said...

Exactly! Real professional schools, i.e. medicine, dental and veterinary, limit the number up front. The ABA pigs, of course, claim that they don't want to "discriminate" against under-represented groups.

Apparently, it is mor humane to slap down low-income students and minorities - i.e. people who typically have little to no connection - with $120K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, than it is to deny them the opportunity of a "legal educaTTTion."

In the end, these "educators" are selfish dogs who do not give one damn about their students or recent grads. They simply want to make sure that the federal student loan gravy train continues to roll along.

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd continue to blog. There are so many hapless individuals out there who think that law school is a good deal.

The new lies are that things are fine at higher-ranked schools like GW Law, UVA, UCLA, Cornell, and Georgetown. They're not. Many of these students mire in doc review hell, beg solos for jobs paying $20-30k, or go solo.

The other big lie is that income-based repayment means law school is riskless. It's not. You end up paying more over the course of your career. Why would anyone get a worthless education that provides no marginal opportunities and give 15-20% of your income for the rest of your life to these snakes and thieves? The banks have crunched the numbers of course and they make out just fine and dandy on IBR payment plans.

Another big lie still persisting among the swindlers and greedy pigs that infest each and every one of America's law schools is that JDs are portable and versatile degrees. They're not. The only reason you should get a JD is if you have a burning passion to be a lawyer (in which case, I'd say you should jump in front of a train but each to their own).

Law schools and their pack of greedy, thieving liars are only just beginning to feel a very small amount of heat. The general public is only very vaguely aware of the lies and frauds the law schools have foisted upon the public. But when you cheat and destroy the lives of thousands upon thousands of students, the truth will slowly bubble to the surface.

Law schools don't teach lawyers how to practice law. They don't provide job opportunities to 90% of students. They don't care what happens to their students other than if they sign promissory notes (after you affix your signature to that last loan document in your 3L year, you're as good as dead to them). The only thing they care about is inducing the next round of suckers to sign the next round of bank loans. You need to keep blogging. The truth is not out there yet but much progress has been made from, say, 2009 or so. Law schools need to go bankrupt and the thieving, swindling, fraudulent pigs that run them need to be unemployed.

Law schools are run by fraudsters that would make Bernie Madoff blush. What other institution tells prospective applicants that they will make $120,000 to 160,000 as a salary but most make more like $20,000 to 40,000? Law schools are just loan origination programs. They use the good image the education industry has (but does not deserve) and corrupt it in order to rape the lives of young, but ambitious, and naive students. If you're a law school administrator and you're reading this, you destroy people's lives with your lies. People can't have families. They can't have relationships. They have to live with their parents until they're very old. YOU DESTROY AND RUIN HUMAN LIVES. Law schools are worthless scam operations but not enough people understand this. They still think of law schools as regular school with regular professors. The truth is only gradually becoming known.

orlando corporate law said...

I totally agree with you. Cutting down the number of future attorneys should be done before they even enter law school not after they went through all the hardship and just have their dream ended by setting the Bar Exam passage requirements harder.

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