Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Even Law Students at a Top 10 Law School Are Suffering from Entry-Level Job Hunting Woes

Evidence that the legal profession is a severely glutted field and that going to law school may be a horrible investment continues to pile up.  The problem of JD overproduction has become so bad that even graduates at one of the nation's traditional Top 10 law schools are having difficulty securing decent entry-level employment.

According to a recent post at the Above the Law blog, students at the very prestigious University of Virginia School of Law have been airing out their frustrations recently.  One artistic student took a stack of rejection letters and constructed a rejection letter replica of one of the law school buildings.  Other students wore t-shirts saying, "Virginia Law $40,000 a year and No Job". (Follow the links to see the photos.)

OK, ABA, what now?  Will you guys continue to accredit more unneeded law schools?  What does it say when students at one of the top 5% of the nation's law schools are having difficulty securing entry-level legal employment?

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