Friday, March 9, 2012

Paul Campos Strikes a Blow on the CBS Evening News

I am pleased to announce that last night the CBS Evening News provided credible national publicity for the Law School Scam with a 2.5 minute piece that featured Professor Paul Campos.  (Credit is due to OhioDocReviewer for posting about it on JD Underground.)

Even Lawyers Struggle to Find Jobs These Days

CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports:

"You wanted to be a lawyer all your life and now you are a lawyer.  Do you take pride in that?"

"I am not a lawyer.  I'm a server."

Thirty year old Kevin Johnson graduated from New York Law School last February.  His lifelong dream is to serve the needy as a lawyer, but for now he's serving pizza.

"Lawyers do lawyer things.  Lawyers work at law firms.  Lawyers do public policy work.  Lawyers don't serve pizza."

Johnson graduated in the top 25% of his class and was confident he'd find a job, especially when he saw his law school reporting an employment rate of around 90% on its website.

Paul Campos said:

"Used car salesmen cannot get away with the kind of claims that law schools get away with all of the time."
The story was introduced by Scott Pelley, the CBS Evening News anchorman who also reports for 60 Minutes.  It's difficult to expect much from a very brief report, but it was great!  This news clip may be the best TV coverage I have ever seen of the Law School Scam, and it was prominent!  Hopefully it will compel NBC and ABC to do produce similar stories.  Also, I sure hope that this encourages 60 Minutes to produce a full report.

I do not know if this specific piece was made possible by Paul Campos, but he deserves tremendous credit for giving credibility to our views.  I admire his bravery for going against the pecuniary interests of his colleagues and the law school establishment.  Paul, if you are reading this, thank you for providing a credible public voice for the hundreds of thousands of disgruntled JDs who are cheering for you.  I hope that you receive a 30 or 45 minute slot on NPR's Talk of the Nation and On Point.

Also, we should give credit to the three lawyers who are handling the class action lawsuits against the law schools; they have also brought publicity to the Law School Scam.  They are David Anziska, Jesse Strauss, and Frank Raimond.

Professor Campos recently participated in a discussion at Stanford which you can watch on YouTube.  It's worthwhile.

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