Monday, October 25, 2010

YouTube Video Parodying the Value of Going to Law School Goes Viral

Many of us enjoyed the "So You Want to Go to Law School" video and now it has gone viral.  (The video was produced by a guy who calls himself David and who has his own blog, The Corner.)

I think most of its publicity came from its being on CNN, though I can't find the video.  However, I was able to find a transcript. The hosts were discussing how easy it is to produce an Xtra Normal video:

LEVS: Now the next thing I'm showing you is what might become a new phenomenon.  There's a program out there called Xtranormal that will allow you to create your own animated video.


LEVS: By just typing in words, and watch what happens, here's an example of a guy.  This guy put one together called "You're sure you want to go to law school?"  Take a look.

I had seen "So You Want to go to Law School" before but didn't know it had gone viral.  I learned about it when I discovered that my own XtraNormal video (on YouTube) had started picking up thousands of new hits and I began searching for the reason.  Apparently my video is piggybacking on "So You Want to go to Law School", being listed as the second video reference for it.

David discussed his XtraNormal video in two posts on his blog, which does not appear to be a law school scambuster blog:

How a Video Goes Viral

So You Want to Go to Law School...

Congratulations, David, and awesome job with your video!

EDIT: I just found out that Elie Mystal cited my cartoon in one of his Above the Law posts. Thanks Elie!

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