Friday, July 9, 2010

Old News: Wiki-hooliganism strikes Seton Hall Law School.

This is old news, but it's still funny.  I'm sure this story was blogged about to death when it was fresh, but I'm linking to it anyway for those who missed it and who didn't see Hardknock's post at BIDER.

Blog hooligan "Scaddenfarts" dropped a big stinker on the Wikipedia entry for Seton Hall Law School.  Referring to the Dean:

"The man takes more liberty with salary statistics than Michael Jackson did with 4 year olds at a Chuck-E-Cheese playpen."
"Scaddenfarts" or a group of people engaged in an edit war that went on for three months from May 6 through August 9 of 2009 until the Wikipolice finally corralled him/them.  (See the edit history for May-August 2009.)

Imagine what would happen if a group of thirty blog hooligans versed in Wikipedia Edit-ese descended upon an unsuspecting TTT's entry and engaged in a prolonged edit war, citing Wikipedia rules and arguing with shills on the entry's discussion page.


Anonymous said...

LOL...that L4L, he gonna make the dean pay someday....

Drake Mallard said...

I've said this before on a random JDU entry about wiki-hooliganism.

It is counter-productive to go to extremes on the wiki edits. It is important to remain calm with the language.

Wikipedia is not the place to be "amusing." Just come out with facts. The facts alone should speak for themselves. No metaphors. No exaggerations. It ruins the very valid underlying message when people get carried away.

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