Thursday, February 2, 2012

NPR & Bloomberg TV Increase Publicity for the Law School Scam

I am pleased to announce that both NPR and Bloomberg News recently gave some coverage to the law school scam.

NPR's All Things Considered aired a four-and-a-half minute segment titled "Do Law Schools Cook Their Employment Numbers."  The story page also links to the Exposing the Law School Scam blog.

Bloomberg aired an interview with New York Times reporter David Segal titled "NY Times Reporter: Business of Law Schools Is 'Crazy'".  David Segal has done some great work reporting on the law school scam in the New York Times, though some people on JD Underground thought he may have pulled some or all of his punches on the TV interview.

Hopefully the media establishment will increase its reporting of the law school scam.   One impetus for the NPR story may be the class action lawsuits against a few of the law schools.   My wet dream is for 60 Minutes to air a hard-hitting piece that excoriates the law school industry and the ABA.   Perhaps Paul Campos could star in it.


Nando said...

Hell, if 60 Minutes went after these pigs, I would be fine with appearing on air to discuss this filthy, disgusting, morally bankrupt industry.

Anonymous said...

Remember when everyone said we were just being bitter and entitled? Now all of a sudden the MSM starts picking it up and the roaches are just ignoring everything.

I don't want to save anyone anymore. I want to see this country fall apart because the people here are so fucking stupid. Nobody ever wants to support their fellow Americans, instead everyone is always looking to defend the poor corporations, banks, schools and their personnel. As if they think those groups really need the support and can't defend themselves.

It's idiotic but it keeps happening. When I heard BAC was foreclosing on homes that shouldn't be foreclosed on I knew for sure that it must be happening. People are so unlikely to make things up and admit that they're getting fucked that if someone does say something is up it's almost guaranteed.

The Law school scam, the foreclosure scam, heck the Federal Reserve is probably actively defrauding the American public now by pumping the stock market.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice? Well I'm not the average idiot, now I see what you are and I might not be able to do anything about it, but I can at least know it's happening.

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