Thursday, March 11, 2010

Franky Goes to Bloggywood

This morning it occurred to me that if I took all of the content I have contributed to the Internet over the years, content that is easily lost and forgotten, I could turn it into a political commentary blog.

I have been debating politics and ideas since the Seventh Grade.  My first posts were to computer bulletin board systems (BBSes) back in the late Eighties, before the Internet, when people would dial into BBSes with their 2400 Baud modems on their Tandy 1000s.  It was all simple text back then.  We've come a long way.  I absolutely love the Internet and the freedom of expression it offers us.  Forty years from now I'll be able to tell my niece's and my nephew's children about a time before the Internet and how I was able to experience the birth of the computer age.

Throughout the years many people have admired my posts and my take on the issues.  I used to be an adherent of Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy, but I have since recovered and (hopefully) repented.  While I still believe in the basic Objectivist metaphysics, epistemology, and much of the ethics, over time my ethical and political views diverged.  Today I no longer pay much attention to nor spend much time thinking about Objectivism, which I now regard as a dogma.  Now I have my own individuated and independent philosophy.

With this blog I want to share some of my better forum posts and to discuss current events and news talk radio clips.  I am a proud American, or at least I used to be.  In the past decade I have come to conclude that our once prosperous nation is transforming into an overpopulated, impoverished third world country for a variety of reasons, both political and cultural.  It is a real cluster fuck, and I want to chronicle America's race to the bottom and rant about what ails us.  I am specifically interested in these issues:

  • The U.S. Economy
  • Global Labor Arbitrage--Foreign Outsourcing, H-1B and L-1 visas, Mass Immigration
  • Health Care
  • The Education Bubble or Education Arms Race
  • The Value of Going to Law School
  • Population Explosion and Environmental Degradation
  • The nation's "Rationality Factor" (more about that in a future post)
This isn't a discussion forum, but I welcome comments and reasonable, polite debate.  Enjoy my posts, visit my links, and have at it.

Frank the Underemployed Professional


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