Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Cartoon -- Doo Lee's House of Jurisdoctorates -- the Future of Law School

Yesterday I made a new animated political cartoon satirizing the law school scam.  It isn't as good as my first two, but I hope that some of you enjoy it.  I was inspired by the prospect of people being able to purchase law degrees at drive-thru windows.

In other news, I am gushing over the report that the motion to dismiss in the Thomas Jefferson School of Law class action lawsuit has been DENIED!


Strelnikov said...

Doo Lee's = Cooley.

They all deserve it; hell, it should have ended with hundreds of ex-students surging in, killing Mr. 1978 and burning the school to the ground.

Frank the Underemployed Professional said...

If the Cooley people feel that the boot fits...then it might imply what they think about their own institution.

I didn't have Cooley specifically in mind when I wrote the text for the video. If I had really wanted to lampoon Cooley I wouldn't have been unable to resist mentioning that, "We even have our own baseball stadium", and I definitely would have made fun of Big Lug in some sort of a way.

Also, it isn't sufficient to merely pay the tuition at Cooley. Based on what I've read, their graduates have to work their butts off in order to keep from getting bounced out.

Nando said...

"You can even order our law degree from our drive through window."

Fantastic. However, it would be perfect, if the sentence continued "which will be handed to you by last year's top graduate. He makes a mean latte, too."

PresTTTige said...

The purple pimp suit was a nice touch.

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