Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Law School is PAYING Students $250 to Post On Its Blog in an Attempt to Encourage Students to Attend (and to take on huge amounts of loan debt).

Do we need any further evidence that the law school industry will stop at almost nothing to increase or maintain law school enrollments?  The Jobless Jurisdoctor posted about this first, but I think it is so damning that it deserves separate mention on this and other blogs.  According to the ABA Journal:

A new student blog at the Michigan State University College of Law may not provide all the answers. However, Kristen Flory, director of the school's marketing and communications department, promoted the idea and apparently sees Spartan bLAWg as a plus factor for persuading applicants about the benefits of attending school there.

About nine of the 18 law students who applied were accepted as bloggers and are now paid $250 to write at least two posts monthly, reports the Associated Press in an article reprinted in New York Lawyer (reg. req.).
If the law schools are willing to pay people to post positive content, proving that they are self-interested and in essence for-profit organizations, then why would they not attempt to manipulate their employment statistics or to at least present them in a misleading or fraudulent light?

I wonder, how do law school deans and administrators sleep at night knowing that their costly educational programs will destroy people's lives for decades?  (They probably sleep very well on fine silken sheets in luxurious 5000 foot mansions.)  Do any of these people have a conscience?


Demosthenes said...

Well that's fucking unbelievable. Although there were black segregationists and there are now gay republicans, so in comparison it's not that bad.

Nando said...

This toilet will be up for some TTR treatment. It will be a little while, as the following commodes of law are on deck: Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, CreighTTTon, and Third Tier Drake.

I wonder if the Drake University Insurance Defense and Court-Appointed List Preparation Academy pays this young man for his irrational exuberance.


A sampling of his drivel:


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Adam kid really is off.

My favorite line: "The idea is to get my more difficult classes taken care of during my 2L year so that during my 3L year I can focus more on working."

Heh. Yup, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"It will be a little while, as the following commodes of law are on deck: Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, CreighTTTon, and Third Tier Drake."

There's a long line! It seems like the ABA is approving new law schools faster than you can air them out.

Angel said...

This is so disgusting. What integrity do these bloggers have? You should never take any money to change your message or have it influence what you're going to write. When Hardknocks and I signed up for advertisements on our blog, something we decided after much consideration, I did not put Law School as one of the things that should advertise on our blog--but it would make readers question our integrity. It's lke buying the press... like Fox News or the Washington Times, for example.

Angel said...
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