Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do the Chinese think we are retarded?

According to Donald Trump, some of the Chinese businessmen he knows think we are completely insane for allowing them to have our industries and our jobs.  Perhaps this is what we need.  We need to have some powerful, influential wealthy people who still have a conscience and some scintilla of concern for the lower classes to help change our government's self-destructive economic policies.  The lower classes certainly don't have the ability to do it.  You can find the interview here:


Anonymous said...


This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

Anonymous said...

Of course they do. China and India don't allow American companies to take their work, especially legal work, but they know a good deal when they see one so the themselves take American work.

The problem is the American public is so damn stupid. They're busy blaming minorities, blaming unions and complaining about free rides (socialism, blah blah) when they should be looking at outsourcing.

Trump has no real incentive to change anything. Politicians aren't going to anger their main supporters only to have an ungrateful public that is too stupid to understand when it is hurt or gains a benefit. The media can tell the public anything it wants anyway.

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