Monday, March 15, 2010

POLL -- Will Obama Win Reelection?

Here's another one of Mark Fiore's cartoons which ties into my poll about Obama's reelection prospects:

I think the foundations of our nation's economy will continue to deteriorate, driven by the economic force of Global Labor Arbitrage, and that the percentage of working-aged Americans who are employed will continue to decrease. Even if there is job growth, it will still feel like job loss if the number of new jobs is not larger than the growth in the population of working-aged people. So, I don't think Obama will win reelection simply because people who would otherwise support him will either vote against him or will lose interest in taking the effort needed to come to the polls and vote for him.

Is Obama a wuss? I don't know, but from what I can tell he isn't much better than any other conventional politician on economic issues. He hasn't done anything other than to offer feel-good stimulus legislation while completely failing to attempt to address let alone acknowledge the real causes of our nation's economic malaise. (However, he's taken good care of Wall Street and irresponsible bankers.) Also, I can't say that I'm real impressed with his handling of health care.

What do you think? Am I the only person who voted for Obama and who rooted for him in the primaries now wondering how things might have been different if Hillary had been elected? I really not all that surprised by Obama's failure to address our nation's economic problems; I never expected too much out of him other than to be merely not as bad as the other candidates.

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JL said...

This guy is the worst. The problem is he is a total hypocrite. Bush at least didn't lie about what he was trying to do, he just pretended it was good when it wasn't, and tried to obfuscate what he was doing with other issues and empty rhetoric.

Obama flat out lies. He lies about the state of the economy, he lies about recovery, he lies about health care and what it's doing. This guy lies every time his lips move. I thought he'd really be change, I figured that he wouldn't be able to do much because of checks and balances, and I would have forgiven him if he tries and fails. But he just flat out lies.

Anonymous said...

According to a number of comments I have read, Obama needs to retain his base plus win back some independent voters. This is the first Democratic President that I can remember who has vaporized his own base. I am fairly active politically and every independent voter I know is left-leaning - they don't like Obama's duplicity anymore than I do as a life-long Democrat. Can he woo some conservatives to vote for him by acting like a Republican? Obama is a loser.

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